District Askings Letter



To: current District Asking projects

From: the Executive Board of Southeast DCMC

For many years the Southeast District (and formerly the Muscatine and Ottumwa Districts) have collected District Askings from churches to help support a variety of projects and programs of the district.  All of you applied to be a District Asking when you were first selected.

We have seen that many of these projects and programs have been receiving funding for many years.  Some of you have been diligent about letting us know each year what you have been doing with the money you have received from the District Askings and how things are going with your project or program.  Some of you have not and we have little idea what you do.

In order to be more watchful of district funding we are requiring all District Asking projects and programs to reapply by December 1, 2019 for the 2021 District Asking cycle.  In addition, all groups receiving District Askings will be required to submit yearly reports by December 1 of each year.  All approved District Asking projects and programs will need to reapply every three (3) years.  Your District Asking funds will discontinue after December 31, 2020.  You may reapply to be a District Asking, and not all groups who apply will automatically become District Askings. 

The District Asking application will be available from the District Office and online from the Southeast District website and is to be returned to the District Office in care of the DCMC Chairperson. 

The yearly report is to answer these three questions:  What is the goal of this project or program?  What has actually happened? How was the money spent?

If you have questions about this policy, please contact the DCMC Chair, Marsha Gerot, at jmgerot@lakeodessa.net.

Southeast DCMC Executive Board

Marsha Gerot